Our Team

Bekki Roe – Bekki Roe is VP of Operations for GPS Healthcare Consultants. Prior to joining GPS, Ms. Roe was employed by a healthcare corporation specializing in rehab contract management and staffing, where she fulfilled multiple clinical and leadership roles. During her tenure she worked with multiple inpatient and outpatient healthcare facilities on quality care delivery and regulatory compliance. Ms. Roe’s operational leadership roles included multi-site management and oversight of daily operations, coordination of referral development activities, clinical delivery and outcomes, and financial performance for both inpatient rehabilitation programs and outpatient therapy clinics. Ms. Roe has demonstrated the ability to direct management level staff in operational improvement. She is skilled in training personnel to creatively problem-solve situations so personnel can be accountable for making positive change.

Her experience includes both rural and urban markets. Ms. Roe holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy.

Susan Keeker – Susan Keeker, TRS, is VP of Consulting and Education for GPS Healthcare Consultants. Ms. Keeker has more than 30 years experience in inpatient acute rehabilitation. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Therapeutic Recreation from Indiana University, she began her career in the area of pediatric rehabilitation and worked at Children’s Hospital of New Orleans for two years. Adult rehabilitation has been her focus area ever since.

Ms. Keeker held positions of Director of Therapeutic Recreation, Assistant Clinical Director and Clinical Director for 12 years before joining a national management company as a Program Director. She managed a 24-bed acute rehabilitation unit before advancing to a clinical consultant role that took her around the country working with a large number of rehabilitation units. She continues that role with GPS.

Ms. Keeker has a strong history of experience and success in operations management, marketing and volume development, quality improvement, FIM education, CARF preparation, physician education and team building. She is skilled in staff training and education and has provided over 300 FIM training classes; participated in 8 successful CARF surveys and prepared 30 units for their own surveys; and developed a New Program Director training session that has been provided to over 100 Program Directors.

Cindy Schmitt – Cindy is Vice President of Administration and has been with the Company since its founding. Ms. Schmitt is responsible for accounting, legal and human resources. She has over 35 years of experience in these subject matters, with special emphasis in cash management, acquisitions and strategic planning. Ms. Schmitt holds a black belt in the Six Sigma process and a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting.
Michael Lohff – Michael is the Controller and has been with the Company for the past nine years. Mr. Lohff is responsible for preparation of the Company’s financial statements, budgets and financial forecasts, banking operations and financial analysis. Mr. Lohff has 20 years of experience in these subject matters. Michael holds a Masters of Business Administration from St. Louis University.
Melisa Kallas – Melisa is the Accounting Specialist and has been with the Company since its founding. Ms. Kallas is responsible for client relations and billing, payroll, benefit administration and contract management.
Brian Rodenbeck – Brian Rodenbeck is the Director of IT for GPS Healthcare Consultants. Mr. Rodenbeck graduated from the Univeristy of Missouri – Columbia with a degree in Computer Science. He has been working in the field ever since, and has accumulated over 15 years of experience. Brian has experience with HIPAA regulations and is devoted to making sure GPS Healthcare Consultants’ sensitive data stays secure.
Jan Thate – Jan is the Accounting Manager and manages the accounts payable process. She is responsible for vendor relations, contract management and administrative support. Jan has over 29 years experience in operations management and accounting.